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KeyMABA breaks new ground in word games! A simple, original game that’s hard to put down. Using as few clues as possible, players make quick associations between everyday words to guess the one word that fits with all the clues. A word sleuth challenge with a quiz game feel.

KeyMABA is perfect for anyone who likes clever wordplay games. Enjoy solo or as a group, in the car, at the airport, by the pool! Young to old, everyone can play. KeyMABA is a great family game too!

What others are saying:
    Mike M (Network TV Executive) "This is a fantastic game - completely addictive fun. I love the simplicity of it, yet it is so very smart and challenging.

    Ashley H "I'm a Bejeweled addict and I love this game. I would play this game by the pool, at my son's baseball games. This is a great game - I couldn't put it down!"

    Alison H "Fantastic game, I love it... a really smart, fun, game"

    Enriquez Family (5 children ages 6-13 - Beta Testers) "We traveled by car this summer and played this game for hours to pass the time. Everyone could join in because it uses everyday words, so no one felt left out."

    Sean, Robbie, Luke,  J.P. and Katie (15- 21 years) "Cool game, I'll definitely play this with my friends and challenge them, but you definitely need to add a leaderboard."

Playing KeyMABA, it is amazing to see how many different associations can be made from one word. Each new clue word adds to the bounty of associations, and that is when the game gets interesting…. Take the clue word: GIN; 10 year olds think about the cotton gin that they just learned about in history, adults might think of the card game gin rummy and others are ready for a gin and tonic! But which word (cotton or rummy or tonic) fits with the other clues and will lead you to the answer? The more you play the more fun you’ll have!

It is simple, smart, stimulating fun.